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Skateparks in Christchurch

Christchurch is a city that has long been known for its love of outdoor activities, and skateboarding is no exception.

With a growing number of skateparks popping up all over the city, it’s clear that the skating community is thriving here.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best skateparks in Christchurch and explore what makes them so popular among skaters of all skill levels.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there’s a skatepark in Christchurch that’s perfect for you.

Washington Way Skatepark

By far the biggest and most popular skatepark in Christchurch, Washington Way Skatepark has something for every level of Skateboarder.

This park has a large street skating section and two different sizes of mini-ramp, which are great for learning to skate transitions.

The park also has a public toilet on site and a drinking fountain. There’s also a really good food court just down the road at Countdown.

Jellie Park Skatepark

Jellie Park Skatepark is a small street park with a few boxes and rails, with roll-ins and quarterpipes at each end.

Toilets are at the park but a little hike away from the skatepark.

Bishopdale Skatepark

Bishopdale skatepark has recently been redeveloped, which gave it a pretty cool new mini ramp and a few boxes and flat rails.

It also features a pyramid, a quarterpipe, and a pretty imposing extension that’ll test any skater’s mettle.

Thompson Park Skatepark

Skateparks in Christchurch_Thompson Park Skatepark

Photo from

‘TP’ as it’s known around the place is probably the oldest skatepark in Christchurch.

Located at the northern end of Thompson Park, the skatepark features Christchurch’s best learner mini ramp, a pretty epic bowl with lots of extensions and hips, a few boxes and handrails at different heights, and a big hill in the middle for rolling in.

It also has toilets and water nearby and a huge playground for any non-skaters you’ve got to drag along.

Lyttleton Skatepark

I’m not a fan of this park. Everything is kind of squashed in with a quarterpipe, a few flat rails and a manual pad.

It’s all just too close together to get a good run in.

St. Albans Skatepark

Skateparks in Christchurch_St. Albans Skatepark

Image of St. Albans Skatepark as seen on Google Street View.

Located at the western end of St. Albans Park, this skatepark features a mini ramp with a spine.

A small roll-in and a low grind bar, as well as a little street section, are set off to the side.

Great for learning to skate street. Toilets and water are available at the park.

Linwood Skatepark

This skatepark is located next to the new Te Pou Toetoe Linwood Pool and features a few quarter pipes and a street section.

Waltham Bowl

Waltham Bowl is located at Waltham Park, hard up against the fence of the Waltham Summer pool.

The bowl features two sections at different depths and is only suited to competent skaters.

Sheldon Park

Sheldon Park Skatepark is located at the western end of Sheldon Park in Belfast.

This skatepark has a bit of everything, with a mini ramp and bowl, stair-set and handrails, manual pads and lots of different-sized banks and ramps.

Templeton Domain

Templeton Domain Skatepark is a small skatepark at the Bailey Street end of Templeton Domain.

It has a couple of banks and quarter pipes, flat rails, and a manual pad. Toilets and water are available at the park.

Wycola Park Skatepark

Wycola Park Skatepark

Photo from

Step back in time at the Wycola Bowl. This skatepark is a throwback to the days of bell-bottomed hippies doing handplants.

I mean, the huge bowl doesn’t even have coping!

A mini ramp has been added on at some point, but it’s so shallow that it’s hard to ride.

Hoon Hay Park Skatepark

Another throwback park, with a small bowl and a large area with a few humps to hit. Also has a couple of flat rails.

Bring a broom because the bowl is usually filled with leaves and sticks.

Muka Park Skatepark

Muka Park is a small run with two ramps and a couple of boxes. Hard to really classify as a skate park, but pretty fun for an hour if you’re in the area.

Cypress Garden Reserve Skatepark

This is just a ramp. It’s about 2 meters tall. Too big to be considered a mini ramp, by me, and too small to be a proper half pipe (It’s not vert). The surface is a bit rough but still a lot of fun.

Knights Stream Reserve

The Knights Stream Reserve Skatepark is a big park with a street section and bowl.

The bowl is quite suitable for learners. The street section has a couple of low quarterpipes, a manual pad, a small bank, flat rails and ledges.

The two parts are connected by an A-frame with a handrail, box and a pretty wicked wavy thing with coping on top (hard to describe but fun as to skate).

Prebbleton Skatepark

Skateparks in Christchurch_Prebbleton Skatepark

Image of Prebbleton Skatepark as seen on Google Street View.

This street park at the Prebbleton Reserve features flat rails, manual pads, a stair set, and a quarterpipe at one end. There’s also a toilet on site.

Leeston Skatepark

The Leeston Skatepark is located at Leeston Park.

This skatepark features a bowl with extensions, a stair set, a ramp gap and a quarterpipe with hip. Leeston skatepark also has a flat rail and a gap rail. Toilets are available, too.

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